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Getting formal in Year 4.

It is the end of week 4 already!  The children began practising their Christmas carols with Mrs Loveland this week; a sure sign that a certain Christian festival is getting ever closer! A very special moment this week was when we heard year 5 (through the adjoining wall) singing their carol.  It was so moving we all had to stop and listen to the end.  We sent a note of appreciation straight through to them.  It's good to pass on a compliment. 

We have started a unit on letter writing this week.  We have been learning the elements that are included in a formal letter.  We are building up our skills and early next week we will be writing our own formal letters to show how much we have improved. That is also one of Homefield's Top 25 life skills so dig out your child's passport and encourage them to bring it in. 

Topic has been very enjoyable.  Continuing with the Romans we have been finding out about Boudicca.  Ask your children all about her. I'm making 'Boudicca' this week's secret word. The children have also been busy with Mrs Corby designing a hypercaust for their DT project. I look forward to seeing them next week as they move onto the making stage.  Thank you to everyone who has already brought a shoe box in, we are still in need of a few.  Please make sure you have one by Wednesday. We will be finding out about Julius Caesar next week, as well as how women lived in Roman times when most of the men were away in the army. 

In maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.  We have been looking for the relationships between the numbers as you multiply by 10 and also how you can check your answers using the inverse operation. 

I know this is a busy time of the year but please try and keep up the momentum with the reading at home.  We do very well every week with the Superstar readers but most weeks it is the same few children who do not achieve their star.  If we work together to support the children to get their diaries signed it makes such a difference. A few children have really 'turned things around' this half term and the look on their face as they earn a star is so rewarding. As well as boosting their reading skills it also helps their confidence to soar. 

Next Friday is 'Decoration Day'.  This is the day when we invite you in to help out in the making of lots of items for Christmas, including one item which will be on sale at the Christmas Fayre the following day (Saturday 3rd December).  Look out for a sign up sheet if you can spare an hour. 

If you've just scrolled down to find the secret word I'm afraid you're out of luck! It is somewhere in the text above so make sure you read the whole blog! 

Happy weekend to you all.  From Miss Studley and the year 4 team.