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An Electrifying Start to the New Year

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Sparks are flying!

Welcome back and happy new 2020. Thank you for all the gifts and cards.  I have lots of Jaffa Cakes to keep me going for a few weeks! Also thank you for your interest in how my new dog Flopsy has settled in.  She is a beautiful dog and has settled in brilliantly.  I am sure a photo will appear on the blog someday soon! The children are checking that I don't spend too much time talking about her.  We have a Flopsy jar.  Every time I mention her I have to put a pebble in a jar....we have quite a few already! 

I appreciate it has been tricky to get some good winter photos as our weather has not really been very wintry.  I am therefore extending the competition to run for the complete month of January. 

Please check out the following website to mimick the multiplication check that all Year 4 children will sit in June: '' Go to the Multiplication Check section.  The children will be able to practise having 6 seconds to answer each question.  There are also some really fun games on this site too.  You could play a game as a reward after trying the multiplication check. 

We have been learning about electricity in science this week.  It will continue next week too. We have been connecting up a simple circuit to light a bulb.  Thank you to the children who have brought their electricity kits in from home; what great resources.  They have brought a lot of fun to our lessons.  Keep using them at home they are brilliant. We also found out a bit about our local power station by looking at their website.  We even rang them to see if we can visit.  We are waiting to hear if it will be possible.  Did you know the power station in Great Yarmouth generates enough electricity to supply half of the county of Norfolk? If you get time check out their website it is very informative and it's good to learn about something on our own doorstep! 

In maths we have been learning about division. In English we have been learning about speeches. We listened to the young, Swedish Climate Activist, Greta Thunberg make her passionate speech to World Leaders at a Climate Conference in 2019. She has got us all thinking about our environment. 

Just a reminder that PE days are now Mondays and Wednesdays.  We have indoor gym with Mr Carr on Mondays for the whole half term. Outdoors games is on Wednesdays. There are still a few gymnastics spaces on a Monday after school if you'd like your child to sign up and get active. 

We are hoping for  productive half term with lots of learning.  I will let you know if I hear anything about a possible visit to the power station. Have a great weekend. 

The secret word is 'Flopsy'. 

Have a great weekend Miss Studley and Miss T.