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Good posture and strong cores

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Hard work brings results.

We have been continuing our gymnastics block with Mr Carr this week. The children are going in half a class at a time so that they get even more attention. It is good to see a few of them in the after school club too.  There are still a few spaces and it is not too late to sign up.  Come and speak to me about adjusted prices with  the remaining weeks of the term. Congratulations to both Emelia and Amalie who have both won trophies out of school for their gymnastic pursuits. There is a gym competition coming up.  We will inform you by letter if your child has been selected to represent the school. 

I have been handing out wrist bands for the children to track their fitness.  It is a simple device which allows them to track how many minutes of physical exercise they get during the school day. Ask them about it. They are aiming for 60 mins per day; 30 minutes during the day and 30 minutes after school. How can you support them with this? It could be a purposeful walk with the dog, a bike ride, any sports clubs they attend or even just playing outside and running around after school for at least 30 mins. 

As a school we are pushing the improvement of showing good manners, especially at play and lunch times.  All the children have good manners but sometimes we all forget how to show them. Before your child is dismissed from their lunch table they are being asked to put their hand up to ask an adult if they may be dismissed. We are also looking to check they can all use cutlery appropriately.  At Year 4 age the majority of  children can already do this but there are a few who still struggle and need reminders. This is something we can work on together as the majority of hot meals are eaten at home. 

Thank you to Mr Young for organising a pantomime for us to watch.  We were a very good audience on Wednesday when a travelling theatre group put on a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

In English we have been learning how to write a good speech.  In maths we have been looking for patterns when we learn our multiplication facts.  We found that knowing the x5 table makes learning the x6 easier.  Also knowing the x3 helps us with x6.  Ask your child how. They have been busy using the maths site and recording their score out of 25.  We have found that we are already seeing improvements.  We have been building on this since September and it is good to now start to see the results. I have said to the children it is not about getting the highest score but about improving your own score.  They are very motivated.  Why not log on at home and let them show you? 

In science we have been building on our electrical circuit work.  The chilren have been making parallel circuits and adding a switch.  Again ask them about it. Can they remember the difference between a simple series circuit and a parallel circuit? 

Have a great weekend.  The secret word is 'exercise'. Not many children can spell this word so maybe spend a minute to reinforce the correct spelling. See you on Monday,

From Miss Studley and Miss T.