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Project Planet Here We Come!

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Project Planet has Landed! 

You may have noticed your child with a script this week.  It is the play that we will be performing in March.  Today we will be casting the roles. We did ask the children to request the type of role they would like, but of course with 61 children to allocate parts to, you will appreciate that not every child will get their first choice. If they have highlighted lines to say they will need to practise these. Also we have given the parts out in plenty of time to give you enough preparation time to sort a costume. The parts are children, villagers, scarecrows and farmers. We are looking to forward to starting rehearsals after the half term break and thank you in advance for your support. 

This has tied in really nicely with our English unit of play scripts. The children have enjoyed reading and writing play scripts.  There are some super ideas as you will see when you come to parents evening next week. 

In maths we have just finished a unit on multiplication and division. We are now starting a short unit on area. We have already been tackling some area questions in our daily 10 in 10s so the children have a head start. The daily 10 in 10 session is such a positive part of every day.  We build on question types throughout the week so by the Friday children are able to explain and consolidate their learning. I also try to include questions that the children have struggled with previously so that we conquer our weaker areas. Loads of hands go up in the lesson to show how engaged the children are.  I hope they are also continuing to share them with you at home. They take their sheet home daily. 

We are getting more children earning their bronze merit badge through continued hard work. Answering lots of questions in class is one way to earn a merit.  It's so lovely to see children who may not have had the confidence to talk openly in front of the class before, doing so.  Keep it up guys. 

In Geography we have been learning about the natural resources that occur in the UK. If you have any family members that work in the offshore industry maybe you could ask them to talk to your child about the production of oil and gas.  We will be moving onto computing next week.  The children have already got their knowledge organiser in their bag. 

With Kingswood fast approaching (May) I have been preparing the children by showing them photographs of previous trips from Homefield. One of the things the children have to do when they arrive is make their beds. By this I actually mean put their own duvet cover on a duvet (all bedding is provided). Last year some of the children got into a bit of a state as it was clear they had never had to try this before so this year I'm wising up.  We are going to teach the children how to do it before we go! Of course it is hard with so many children so I would appreciate it if you got a chance to involve them more at home when their bedding is changed.  There are lots of little tips that will make it run smoothly on the day we arrive. If any child struggles we will get them to help each other but one of the great things about a residential trip is building resilience and independence being away from home. We will make it fun. 

I will be judging the winter photographs and let you know the outcome before half term; thanks for the entries. It was hard with such a relatively mild winter.  Hopefully the spring competition will be more fruitful. 

See you next week (Tues/Thurs) for parents evening.

Have a great weekend. The secret word is 'Planet'. 

From Miss Studley and Miss T.