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C of E Primary School

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Thank you to everyone who donated to Sport Relief today.  Our class raised £22.20 which we will be putting to the overall school total. We had lots of fun learning the dance on the Sport Relief website that was choreographed by AJ Pritchard and his brother Curtis. 

Our school show is fast approaching.  I have already had a few costumes in.  If we could have the rest in by next Friday, 20th March, that would be helpful. Hang on a coat hanger with a clear label please. We are also saying that in rehearsals next week there will be no scripts.  It is our last week before the show and we need to push the children.  Please help them with this last push at home, especially if they have several lines. 

Tickets have been organised and are ready to be allocated. There will be two tickets per child. If there are any spare tickets after every family has requested theirs then we will allocate upon request. A text will go out to alert you to any further availability. Please see Mrs James in the office for your tickets. 

Thank you for those children who embraced the reading challenge and brought in their sponsorship money.  We are still collecting.

I had intended to send the recent maths assessment papers home today but with a very busy afternoon I completely forgot so I will send them early next week for you to work through.  There is no need to return the papers.  

We have been learning about Aesop's Fables in English and continuing our work on fractions in maths. These units will both continue next week. 

There are new activities set on  It is important that these are completed at home.  The children need to improve their spag (spelling, punctuation and grammar) levels.  This is one way to do that. If you want to order a book to support this I would recommend the Usbourne Junior illustrated Grammar and Punctuation book.  It can be bought for less than £10 and has many great examples and explanations to support your child's spag development. 

The secret word is 'reflectiveness'.  This is the quality I will be looking for in the children next week to see who earns the Growth Mindset award. Like the character Plop in 'The Owl who was afraid of the dark', can your child talk through their learning? Can they evaluate their work and see how to improve it, learn from mistakes and see links? 

Have a great weekend 

from Miss Studley and Miss T.