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Learning goes on regardless...

Dear Parents, 

Let's keep learning through this period of uncertainty.  Your children have made so much progress this year and we want to keep that momentum high. Of course there is going to be severe disruption to the remainder of this school term at least. However, we can act quickly to get into a routine to develop a home learning approach that will keep the children sharp. 

You will find lots of activities to complete on the school's website.  Go to Parents' information, Home Learning due to school closure, Y4.  Here you will find subject folders. Select from these activities.  The children have been shown how to do it. There are also some useful resources to support learners with additional needs at the bottom on the SEND Information Report including some visual cards you can use to create a visual timetable for home learning. 

Keep things simple. I would recommend getting your child a notebook, preferably A4.  Allow them to 'make it their own' by decorating it etc. Provide them with a decent pen, a pencil, ruler and rubber and if possible a quiet, uncluttered working space that they can use as their learning base. This will allow them maximum chance of concentrating for the written aspects of their learning. Even if your child is coming into school some days, while you carry out your key worker role, the expectation is that they also complete home learning.  

I would recommend timetabling to allow for daily opportunities to read, write, complete maths and topic.  Don't forget the all important exercise; twenty minutes of physical per day as a minimum would be recommended. If you are doing some cooking with your child that could double up as cross curricular maths, it doesn't all have to be worksheet based. 

I recommend reading the 'White Rose letter for parents' within the maths section because this will give you access to more maths materials. 

Don't forget all the online subscriptions (TT Rockstars and  Simarly, please use the free resources such as Topmarks and  I have set up activities to complete on please access and complete (see attachment below).

I have sent home any remaining assessments that were completed recently. You can see how well your child did. You can see that the spag test has highlighted several gaps.  

I appreciate that this is a very unsettling time but we will get through this.  If you need to e-mail me (as per Mr Young's letter) please do so and I will endeavour to respond in a timely way.

Keep well 

From Miss Studley and Miss T.