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C of E Primary School

Things are heating up in Year 4!

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Designing and making is well underway.

This week's featured photograph shows a snapshot of our budding young technology wizards in action. They have been busy making their own mini hypercaust with Mrs Corby and Miss Thompson. It is a form of underfloor heating invented by the Romans. I look forward to seeing the finished products! 

I am delighted to say that we have now been the top class (several weeks in a row) with our Superstar reading competition. Today we got 19 out of 30 children giving us 63%, reaching at least 5 reads (the minimum expectation across the school).  Well done Year 4.  I am very proud of your consistency, even at this time of year when it gets very busy. Thank you to all of you who are signing diaries; you really do make such a difference by investing this time into your child's reading development. 

We have had lots of sickness in class this week, including our very own Mrs Spink. Germs seem to spread like wildfire at this time of year.  Let's hope we are all back on Monday fighting fit for the last full week of term. 

Record numbers of children are now reading the blog.  This is brilliant, especially when I get such positive feedback from you, the parents. It makes the whole process worthwhile. 

We have been working towards writing informal letters to our friends this week.  We will be continuing with that next week. We also have some assessments (maths and reading) to complete but will try and keep them very low key.  Could you focus on the 9x tables at the moment too. 

Our blocked unit this week has been ICT and it will continue next week.  We have been learning how to download an image and drop it into 'Word', save it in a file we have created, then finally retrieve it.  Lots of the children have been saying they are going to do some more at home which is always lovely for any teacher to hear. 

We have 3 readers for next week's KS2 carol concert.  James, Lucy and Abigail please spend time practising your words this weekend.  I will see you all either at the morning or evening concert next Wednesday. Remember to secure your free tickets. 

Our word of the week is 'retrieve'.  Have a great weekend.  

From Miss Studley and the Year 4 team.