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C of E Primary School

We Are Thankful to be Back!!!!!

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We survived our first week. 

Welcome to the Year 4 blog. I will write a blog every Friday and it should appear by 5pm to allow you to get into a routine of sharing it as a family.  I have encouraged the children to read it with you each week as it is an excellent means of communication between home and school which we need now more than ever. 

Please read the blog and find the secret word. Write the secret word, your child's name and colour team and give it to me on Monday.  The children earn 5 team points for returning the secret word on a Monday, 4 on a Tuesday, 3 on a Wednesday and so on. We turn it into a mini weekly competition between the house teams so I hope your child joins in.  

We have had a lovely week.  The children have done so well in many ways.  Firstly, by having to adapt to all the new routines of bring in a new year group with new teachers but especially adapting to all the new safety measures we have in place to keep us safe from Covid. 

We have been reading a book called 'Here we are' which has allowed us to deliver our English with a PSHE emphasis.  This has been a whole school initiative to allow us plenty of time for questions and reflections on the changing times we find ourselves in due to Covid. We will be continuing that on for one more week. 

Our class novel is called 'The racehorse who learned to dance' by Clare Balding. Please ask your child all about it. On the subject of reading...I have given each child a reading diary.  There is a note in the front of their diary to explain exactly what is expected. I am delighted to say that 6 children managed to read at least 5 times this week.  We give a merit for this.  Most children read at least once.  We push for the pleasure of reading so please spend time sharing the story and talking about the plot together. 

Tuesday is our PE day spo please continue to come in wearing sports uniform on Tuesdays. Thank you for those of you who have already signed up to the after school sports and fitness club.  We are looking forward to starting on Tuesday.  

When your child wins the class Golden award please make sure it is returned to school by Tuesday each week. 

The children are drinking plenty of water.  Please make sure you are sending in water and not squash as the children all have them on their tables now and we want to avoid lots of sticky patches damaging our work. We are happy to refill the bottles through the day, especially as we are still experiencing warm weather. 

Your child was given a contacts form on Wednesday. We folded them up and slid them inside the reading diary. Please ensure you complete and return at your earliest convenience as it helps the school office to ensure they have all the correct details for home. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to starting week 2.  The secret word is 'Readiness' which is one of the qualities we are looking for from the children during next week. 

Happy weekend from Miss Studley and Miss T (Thompson).