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C of E Primary School

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What is the melting point of chocolate?

Wow! That was a busy week with a very soggy Friday. It literally has not stopped raining all day.  I hope there are some dry spells so you can all get back outdoors at the weekend. 

Notices this week include the introduction of Google Classroom.  Your children all received a letter on Wednesday with their password and log in details to use Google classroom.  We had a talk about it in class today and I can see that at the time of writing this that 3 of you have already accessed the classroom; thank you. Please set aside some time this weekend to familiarise yourselves with how it works. There is a full explanation on our school website.

I have set a science question just as a little tester to give you a chance to see how to use the system. Hopefully we won't need to use it very often but it is a back up to avoid any breaks in your child's education. Please accept the invitation to join that you will find in the Gmail account. 

We have been learning about how materials exist in different states in science this week. This will continue next week. A knowledge Organiser went home on Monday..  Please share with your child as it will give them a boost with some of the vocabulary they will encounter and give them a head start, especially if they are prone to struggling with new learning. 

You will also notice that the Times Table Rock stars log ins have been stuck into the front cover of your child's reading diary. Please use it as another way to practise the tables. 

In English this week we have been looking at sentences.  We have been revising some of the word classes and trying to identify them in sentences. Some of the word classes we have talked about this week include nouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and determiners. See if your child can tell you what these are.  They could point some out as you read together. We have started to analyse a section of a book called 'The Wild Robot'. It is also going to be our next class novel. 

Spelling homework is in their bags today.  We have introduced word pyramids as another strategy to help the children to learn how to spell words. Thank you to those of you who have helped your child to get organised to look after their school sheets.  There are some great examples of folders coming in and the children are taking great pride in looking after their work because they have a little file to store things safely. I love stationery! 

In maths we have been continuing on with place value. Check your child is able to say what 10/100 more/less than any 3-digit number by paying attention to the value of each digit depending on its column. Also they need to look for patterns when counting in multiples of 50. We will continue with place value next week. 

The secret word this week is 'torrential'. 

Have a great weekend

Miss Studley and Miss T.