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Get outdoors and enjoy the changing colours of Autumn

Well done Year 4 I have seen a massive change in you since the start of the year.  You have settled back into the routine of learning and coped really well with the return to school after such a long break. You are presenting as an enthusiastic group and are well motivated to improve. Keep it up! 

If you can keep up some daily reading and visit the maths sites to keep your number skills sharp that would be great but I hope you use the week to spend as much time enjoying it with your family. 

I have set a photography competition. On your family walks, see if you can find any beautiful scenes that represent the stunning season of Autumn.  Bring the photos in and we will make a display in the classroom.  Try and make sure you are in the picture but if that isn't possible that's ok.  Last year one of the pupils even included the family dog in the photo.  As you all know, I love dogs but this is not a requirement. The photos can come into school throughout November so don't worry if you can't get a picture before we return to school on November 2nd. 

We will be learning addition and subtraction in maths building on the place value work we have completed. 

In English, we will be using a new text to inspire us.  We will be using a short story called 'The Castle Ghosts' by Joseph Delaney taken from a book called Haunted. I thought it fits in really well with the time of year and will be an exciting book to use to keep your interest levels high. We will be looking at punctuation use and layout of our work in terms of using paragraphs to separate ideas.  When you are sharing a book with your parents you could both look out for how the author uses these devices.  

In topic, we will be continuing with our Geography unit for one more week.  I hope you have your own atlas at home so you can focus on the countries in Europe and find out a bit more about some of them.  Thank you to the children who have brought in some Europe facts to show your interest in the topic. Learning about our world is very exciting and will be a valuable life long skill that will be useful in later life. 

Check out our art curriculum gallery on the website.  See if you can spot your work. Miss Howard has been very impressed with your effort this half term.  

I have not given out any new spelling homework but please look over the word groups you have been taught since September.  I will be doing a little test on some of those words, taking a sample from each week to see if the words have gone into your long term memory. Hopefully we will be launching the spelling boat and the maths book soon after we return.  We have a Spanish ceremony to conduct! 

Finally, Norfolk County Council are holding a competition to name the seven new gritters they are purchasing for the winter. It is open to any pupils in Norfolk between the ages of 5-11. Think of a catchy name, with a wintery feel and no more than three words long, and if you are selected as a winner the name and our school name will be printed on the side of a gritter. Some of the previous winning names include: Blitzen Blaster, Chittygrittybangbang, Freya Frost, Grittersaurus, Ice Interceptor, The Grittenator and Winter Warrior.  Get those creative thinking caps on.  

Have a wonderful week, be good for your parents and Miss T and I look forward to seeing you on November 2nd. 

The secret word is 'Pumpkin'. 

Happy Holidays

Miss Studley and Miss T.