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C of E Primary School

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A time to think about others.

Another busy week is over. It was lovely seeing everybody come in non-uniform today with lots of Pudsey colour splashed around. Thank you for your donations too.

We have started our Romans topic now. The children have started by placing the invasion of Britain by the Romans on a timeline of other significant periods of British history. We have also built on the Geography unit by looking at where the Romans came from and how Rome itself was founded.  We will be continuing on with this topic for a further 2 weeks. 

In maths we have been adding 3 and 4 digit numbers.  Some of the calculations have had no exchanges and some have had one exchange. As with all our learning ask your child to explain this to you as it serves to consolidate their own learning. 

In English we have organised our work into paragraphs and decided where a paragraph might be used in supplied text. We have also looked at how an author creates an effect in a passage of writing by explicitly looking at the words and phrases used to give us this impression. I have been amazed at some of the advanced vocabulary used correctly and in context by some of the children. 

I have also noticed some very kind acts by certain children this week.  It is lovely when you step back and observe the children applying some of our Christian Values independently. I have witnessed chlldren supporting one another when they don't even know I am watching. This is happening both in lessons and during their break times. 

You will see that your child has come home with a brown envelope today. It contains the recent reading and maths papers carried out in school. Please take the time to go through the questions with your child. Remember, a lot of the maths content has not yet been taught and we are still trying to blend the missed Year 3 objectives they missed, so please do not take these papers as a true reflection of their ability if they are lower than you would hope. However, any time you can spend on them will be of huge benefit. 

For some children, you will see a lot of questions that have not been answered.  This is because there is a strict time limit to each paper and some children have not yet developed the stamina to work at a rate to enable them to complete the papers. One tip for the reading paper is to read the text in the orange booklet twice before they even think about answering the questions. Then highlight the relevant part of the text that helps them to retrieve the answer. 

You will also find a report card in the envelope. This gives a brief note following on from our recent parent evening communication. We do not need the papers back in school as we have analysed the strengths and weaknesses.

The majority of the children now have a change of footwear for break times.  Thank you. If you have not yet managed to organise this please accept this gentle reminder in order to look after our school and help us to promote respect. 

Have a lovely weekend.  The secret word is 'Wisdom'. 

From Miss Studley and Miss T.