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C of E Primary School

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Can you recognise some of your class mates just by their socks? Look we are all different and it is fun. 

Thank you for wearing odd socks to school today.  We have marked anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks as a way to say it is good to celebrate diversity and being unique and different can be a good thing. Hopefully the messages are strongly embedded in everyone's mind after our daily collective worship and class activities to show why bullying is not acceptable. 

Congratulations to two more of our class members today who have earned their bronze merit badges. That is 3 in total...who will be next? 

We have had a productive week with lots of quality learning taking place.  The children are loving the Roman topic.  They have found out all about Boudicca and more about the Roman Army.  Our PE unit is Roman movement so we have been able to apply learning to the dance too.  It has given the children the opportunity to express themselves in a different way and show off their amazing imaginations. 

In English we have continued to read the Castle Ghosts story.  The use and understanding of new vocabulary has astounded me at times. We have started to use fronted adverbials to add extra meaning to our sentences. This is starting to show in the quality of their writing. The Children are starting to become more independent in checking their personal writing targets and look for ways to improve and show me evidence of how they have made progress. 

The boat captains have been busy this week with a few children jumping ship and a few new recruits being nominated for different boats. We now have the following boats launched: writing, maths, geography, art, Spanish and science.  I am hoping to launch history and PSHE next week. This is such a motivating tool and the captains are enjoying the responsibilities that come with the role.  Ask your child which boat they are on or which boat they aspire to join. At the moment the writing boat is the fullest. 

In maths we have been focussing more on subtraction and using a variety of strategies for this. I have been very proud of a few children who struggled earlier in the week but by the end they have demonstrated clear progress.  We will be continuing on with addition and subtraction again next week. 

I hope you have a lovely restful weekend,

from Miss Studley and Miss T. 

The secret word is 'diversity'.