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C of E Primary School

Christmas preparations are Underway

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Decoaration Day Differences

We have had a lovely end to the week.  Not only was it our student, Mrs Smith's birthday (Happy Birthday Mrs Smith), but the sun shone brightly as we began our preparations for Christmas. 

As you read the blog together, could you ask your children to point out the fronted adverbials that I will deliberately use throughout today's blog.  They may also point out other devices they have been taught such as paragraph use. It's good to make them better writers when they see things being modelled in their own reading. 

Sadly, Miss T was poorly towards the end of the week. One of the Christmas activities we were going to make was prepared by Miss T so we are going to wait until her return before we do it. Happily, we were still able to start our Christmas cards today. In the photo above, you will see the children at the first stage of their design. The children will be making a card for you at home but they will also be making a card for an elderly resident of a local care home. So their cards have a double purpose this year.  

Quite understandably, Decoration Day looked very different to every other year without lots of parents to help. 

This week in English,  the children have written some very exciting stories linked with our reading text 'The Castle Ghosts,.  I have added the extract of the text onto Google Classroom incase any of the children would like to share the story with you at home.  We are really enjoying this book. The writing produced by the children is high quality and reflects their enjoyment and learning. 

In maths, we have been looking at word problems and subtraction.  The children have found it difficult to know where to start so I have tried to model lots of examples of how to attempt new questions. 

If your children would like to send a Christmas card this year here are the rules. Only send within our own class, bring them in on a Monday and we will hand them out on a Friday. 

Excitedly, tuck is now available each week but it must be ordered in advance for the following week ahead.  See Mr Young's text for more details. 

Lots of children have been recruited onto a learning boat by the class captains this week.  Plus we have now launched three new boats: spelling, history and reading.  Well done everyone.  Could I please make a plea that badges are removed before uniforms go through the wash. We are also low on safety pins if anyone has any spare. 

Please remember it is water only in the water bottles.  Children can drink other things at lunch time but not during lessons. 


Have a great weekend and the new secret word is 'Advent'.