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Another busy week is completed in Year 4

It has been another full-on week in school.  

We have been using the story/film of The Snowman to inspire our English. We have been learning about length and perimeter in maths, both of which we will carry on next week. 

Could we put out a plea to parents to bring in some newspapers for art.  If you have a few old newspapers we would welcome a few as our stocks are running low. Thank you to the  parents who answered our plea for safety pins. 

Please check your children's bags/ask them if they have some extra maths to do at home. We have started something this week that we will endeavour to continue throughout Year 4 if it proves successful.  At the end of each maths lesson I ask the children to tell me if they don't feel fully confident with the objective.  For those children we have started photocopying their work from that day and sending it home so you can support them at home. Even if Miss T and I get to them in the lesson it would still be beneficial for them to explain it to you at home so they consolidate what they have been taught.  We have copied it onto A3 size paper so you can use the space to write all over it and go through examples with your child. The success of this will be dependent on whether you are able to give a little bit of time each week to your child.  I appreciate we are all very busy but this would make such a difference so I thank you in advance for your support. 

As we enter the last week let's keep our energy up and give it one last push. I think we are all feeling tired.  I don't mind admitting how shattered I feel! Friday we will be having an informal day with a party in our own bubble.

As from January I will be asking parents to sign their secret word paper to show you have shared the blog together as the whole point of the blog is to promote the communication between school and home. 

Have a great weekend with the secret word being 'Snowman'. 

Love from Miss Studley and Miss T.