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C of E Primary School

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Homefield is alive with the sound of music!

Firstly, thank you for supporting the Key Stage 2 Carol concert this week.  We may have only had 13 of our class return for the evening performance but they were clearly the loudest singers because they more than made up for the lack of numbers with their volume and quality. A highlight for me was the Year 5 carol 'O Holy Night'. They sang it so beautifully.  I am sure you all have your favourite part too. 

I was very impressed when I popped back into class on Wednesday afternoon during Mrs Loveland's music lesson.  The children were using their recorders to learn the a,b and g notes.  They have also been learning about rests in music.  They have played the following pieces: 'Portsmouth, ABBA and March of the Golden Guards'. We are very lucky to have Mrs Loveland as our music teacher as I'm not sure there would be such a sweet sound coming from a whole class recorder lesson if I taught it!

Unfortunately,  we have had a lot of sickness and holiday absence in class this week.  However, I am  delighted to say that yet again we were the top class for our reading stars with 18 out of 30 children earning their star. I'm so proud! Also many congratulations to Amy, Cole, Thomas and Ruby R who have now reached the end of the Year 4 Rainbow! Incredible. It really shows in their class writing too; they are very accomplished spellers. Mr Young read their names out in assembly.  Let's hope this encourages others to strive to improve too. 

We have been casting spells in class this week.  It is a class initiative to improve our spelling of some of the common words that are still catching us out.  When I mark the childrens' books I often notice words that many children misspell.  I am now taking these words and making a bit fuss about one word per day.  I use my 'magic lollipop' to cast a spell over the whole class, whilst listening to music from the Harry Potter soundtrack.  We spot test the children throughout the day and if we can spell it correctly we add it to our cauldron. It is a bit of fun but so far the magic is working and we all learn much more when we enjoy what we do.  Long may it continue. 

Party day on Tuesday.  Don't forget to wear a Christmas jumper.  I'll put a list up if you want to contribute any party food.  Look out for the list on Monday.  I'll bring it out onto the playground before school and have it at the end of the day too.  We don't need too much.  

I will write a short blog on Tuesday next week to tell you about our topics for next term in case you want to get ahead with your learning. If you're still looking for ideas to help Father Christmas to fill your child's stocking we will be learning about rivers in January. 

The Great Exhibition in the hall was very impressive.  Thank you for the variety of projects brought into school this week. Every single child in the class completed their homework this term (with the exception of 3 pupils who have been absent all week).  Look out for the next project after Christmas which I believe will be science based. 

Have a great weekend.  See you all on Monday with the secret word which is 'world'.

From Miss Studley and the Year 4 team.