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C of E Primary School

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Let's take an early summer holiday to the sensational island of Sicily

Welcome back to the start of the Summer term. We are delighted to welcome Mrs Clarke onto the Year 4 team in Miss T's absence. Mrs Clarke will be with us at least for this half term. 

Our new English unit has certainly got our imaginations fired up with all things Italian. We are all longing for a holiday away but with our latest English unit we are experiencing the next best thing. We have started a non-fiction unit which teaches the children how to write a holiday brochure. Today we took a plane flight to Italy, more specifically Sicily. 

Next week the children will be acting as tour guides as they become mini experts on this stunning island. The idea is that they can write and talk persuasively to convince other people to visit the island. Let's see if they can convince you! 

In maths we have been working on fractions. We have been finding fractions of quantities. Next week we have one more week on fractions where we try to ue our knowledge to solve problems related to fractions. 

Our new topic is science; living things.  We are starting by looking at different habitats and why certain animals/plants are adapted to living in certain locations. 

We have had a PSHE focus on managing behaviours as several of the children have experienced conflict with each other especially at play times. This is nothing new but I think the volume of unrest  has become a cause for concern so we have been trying to teach the children how to manage their behaviour in different situations. We had some role play and listened to the way children would deal with each situation.  We are trying to model how it could be resolved and equip the children to develop the strength and know-how to manage their feelings.  

The secret word is back.  This week it is habitat. 

Reading is still high on our agenda.  We are so lucky to have been given £200 to freshen up the stock in our class library.  The children are loving the new books and some of them have taken a new book home as their reading book. 15 children achieved the minimum read target of 5 reads this week. We have 15 links to start our reading chain - one for each child who met the target. Please encourage them by signing their diary when they read. We voted on our new class novel from a selection of the new books. We voted for 'The Day I fell into a Fairytale' by Ben Miller. We want our chain to be the longest in the school as we go up against the other classes to make our reading chain. 

Have a great weekend, Miss Studley and Mrs Clarke.