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Rock-it Ball enrichment is a hit

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What a great way to end the week.

Wow, so much has happened this week it is hard to know where to start. 

The featured photograph is of the children learning how to play Rock-it Ball.  Mr Young pushed this game as he had taught it previously in another school. We asked Go Geronimo to deliver an enrichment session for the older pupils today.  They had so much fun; what a brilliant game! We will definitely be playing that again! It is so active and fun and a great way for the children to hit their 60-minute target of physical activity each day. 

The children have written amazing holiday brochures for their final piece of English work.  I am very proud of them and I have had lots of beaming faces as they have read their feedback for the ones I have marked so far. Next week, we continue with the focus 'writing to persuade' but this time we are going to write a letter to an author to ask them to visit school. This fits in perfectly as we adore reading and get so much pleasure from it.

We now have a total of 87 links on our reading chain. We only had 3 children (apart from those who have been absent) who did not read at all. A text has been sent to those parents.  Thank you for supporting them by sharing their reading with them and signing their diary a minimum of 5 times per week. We have never had more than 21 children managing this each week so it would be good to break through that total. 

We finished our latest class novel today 'The Day I fell into a Fairytale'.  The children absolutely loved it and so did I. There are other stories by the actor, turned author, Ben Miller, so if they have a birthday coming up or have some pocket money why not encourage them to read the other books by this author. 

Our next book is 'October, October' by Katya Balen.  We started reading an online excerpt of this for our guided reading lessons in October (!).  We all loved it so much we purchased the book so now we can go on to find out what happens next....

I told the children we have booked a Year 4 class trip. I will get a letter out soon, but to give you as much forward notice as possible here are the basic details. We are going to Gressenhall Farm and workhouse near Dereham, on 12th July for a World War 2 experience day. The children will be invited to dress as evacuees but don't worry I will be sending out a costume idea with the letter. 

We have two more gymnastics lessons with Mr Carr so up until half-term could the children come to school in PE kits Mondays as well as their usual Tuesday PE day. Mr Carr also said if any of the children have 'jump socks' that have little grips on the bottom they would be good to wear. Please do not feel this is compulsory. 

We are busy preparing for our class assembly that we will show to the rest of the school online on Wednesday 26th May. The theme is compassion, and we will be specifically looking at ways we share what we have with others. If you could capture an example of your child doing this please send a photo to me on my email address which is so we can use them in the assembly. 

There is a 'Go Geronimo' sports club running throughout the May half-term holiday. It is at our school every day, apart from the Bank Holiday Monday. Please check out our school website for more details. 

Mr Young has given us a brilliant sports bag of equipment to use at playtime.  The children have really enjoyed using the equipment, and it gives them the chance to do different things at playtime and lunchtime. So far they have been looking after the equipment really well.  Long may this continue.  

We are very lucky to have a very experienced teacher called Mr Dibb coming into school every Thursday afternoon. He works with small groups of children to support their maths, as directed by me. It has been so lovely, after two sessions so far, to hear Mr Dibb talking about some of the quieter children who really blossom within these smaller groups.  I look forward to seeing the impact over time that Mr Dibb adds; they certainly love working with him. 

Have a lovely weekend from Miss Studley and Mrs Clarke. 

The secret word is 'decimals' which is what we are learning about in maths at the moment.