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C of E Primary School

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The end of this half term but lots of fun is yet to come...

Thank you to all the children for working hard this term.  It really has flown by, but we have tried to use every part of our day wisely, and we are starting to see the rewards of progress. It has been difficult with the Covid interruptions but we are now finally gaining momentum.  I expect the final few weeks of the school year to show lots of progress. 

Reading has been a particular highlight. The children have shown how much they love reading and those that are not so keen we are working on ways to change that mindset. Quite often there is a correlation between the children who do not get their diary signed and those who say they do not love reading. This is where a love of books at home is essential.  We need you to model how important reading is at home too so that they begin to see the complete value, and it starts to become the norm. 

We have finally broken our record of 21 readers achieving their 5 reads per week. We had 22 today with others very close. There is still a small group with zero reads which is a real shame as we are trying to work as a team to promote reading, so please take that interest and encourage your child if you can. We have a whole week off now so maybe there will be a bit more time to kick-start this habit. 

We have been seeing some quality writing in our latest unit to write to an author. We will be spending 2 more days on this after the holiday before we start our new writing unit.  This time we will be turning to fiction. We will be reading the book 'The Iron man' by Ted Hughes and basing our learning on this text.  If you know your child struggles with writing this might be an opportunity to do a bit of pre-teaching with them. If you had a copy of the book you could start reading it together and talk about the plot, so they have a head-start in their English lessons. This is a great way to boost their confidence, and it's a really great book, so you can enjoy it together. 

In maths, we have been learning about decimals, tenths and hundredths. Check they can tell you about them.  If you look at the 10 in 10s that are sent home every day, you will see examples of question types. Why not retry a few at home together? You can make a huge difference. This week we have used 10 in 10 to boost their understanding of the language of maths too. From analysing the scores, we have noticed that the hardest terminology for the pupils is 'Find the product of' which means multiply, also some struggled with 'Find the difference between' which means subtract. 

We have been learning about the human body in science. The children are fascinated. We have specifically looked at the digestive system and the function of the mouth/teeth in this process. 

After the holiday we will be starting our music block which I know the children are looking forward to. 

Have a great holiday. I hope the weather is kind and that you make lots of special memories with your family. I am going to be optimistic with the secret word this week.....'sunshine'.

Miss Studley and Mrs Clarke.