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Feeling energised for 2018.

Happy New Year  to you all. It may have been a short school week but we have packed a lot in and all seem raring to go as we start this spring term. 

The photo above is our class cauldron (more detail two blogs ago, but ask your child all about it). If your child did not show you their personal cauldron please ask them to do so.  It should be in their book bag from before the holidays. Helping them at home makes such a huge difference. When I start to see progress with their spellings in their independent writing I will be moving them up a group on the class display.  They are all in Hufflepuff at the moment. 

The Rainbow Words are still in operation.  Unfortunately we have lost Mrs Spink from Year 4.  She is now helping out in Year 2.  We are managing the Rainbow Words slightly differently now.  This means your child could get tested at any stage in the week so be prepared! 

On Monday in English we will be starting a new unit on writing playscripts. If you have access to any material at home why not read through some with your child. They can be very simple and familiar stories such as Little Red Riding Hood.  I will be teaching the basics of how to write their own playscript so any additional exposure to this type of text would be a bonus. 

In maths we are continuing on with multiplication and division for 3 weeks. Our immediate focus will be using 11 and 12 times tables. I have, once again, printed off and sent home a times table grid for them to use as often as time allows. This one is not laminated.  I can not stress enough how important it is for them to be spontaneous with their tables. This class loves maths and I love teaching it. Let's nurture that love together and support as often as we can. 

When the children returned they were excited to see where they would be sitting.  I change the seating plan completely each half term.  I think it is good for children to work with different groups and mix things up regularly. 

I gave out the new homework project sheet on Thursday.  It is a science project this half term. There was only one child who didn't hand a history project in so I have already spoken to him to ensure that he gets involved this time. Team points were awarded (out of 10) for the history projects.  I look forward to seeing the science work in 5 weeks time. 

A clubs booklet went out today.  Please be quick off the mark to sign up for the clubs on Monday morning. 

The majority of children have their own water bottle in class; thankyou.  There are a few that need one.  Please try and provide one.  I will be having a push on children drinking more water during the day as it is so important, for many reasons, to stay hydrated. 

Our class won the 'Superstar Readers' again this week.  Thank you so much for your continued commitment.  We do, however, still need our percentage to be higher so let's keep pushing. 

Have a great weekend.  Our secret word is 'commutative'. 

From Miss Studley and Miss T.