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C of E Primary School

Sporting Fever Sweeps the nation

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Sports Day motivation levels are high.

The children have been fabulous this week on our sports days. Due to the good old British weather we spread ours over two days, but it was good not to have to rush it, and we saw some real quality as a result. 

Details of the whole school winning team and any new field event records will be announced before the end of term.  Year 4 did brilliantly, they really are a talented bunch!

This week's featured photograph is a group of children practising their shot putt throw. We had a chat about local athlete, Sophie Mckinna, who has qualified to represent GB at this summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo. Sophie is a member of Great Yarmouth & District Athletic Club and discovered she had a real talent for throwing the shot. I highly recommend that you encourage your child to try it out. The club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Wellesely track in Great Yarmouth, but obviously you would need to check out their website for details. It is where I started my running 'career' aged 10 and have discovered a lifelong passion for sport as a result. 

Please return your report comments on the slip of paper inserted into the envelope with your child's report. Please don't feel obliged to make a parent evening appointment unless you feel there is something on the report you would like to discuss further. I will not think badly of you! It was just meant as an opportunity to discuss anything you needed further clarification on from the report. 

See you all at 08.30 on the playground in the normal spot on Monday. There is no need to arrive any earlier. We will be back 3.45/4pm but will message if we get held up. Please watch the weather forecast to provide additional layers or not depending on how hot it is going to be. Also remember there is a little walking involved so sturdy and comfortable footwear is important. If your child has decided not to dress up as an evacuee then they will need to wear their normal uniform please. No one has ordered a school packed lunch, so please make sure they bring their packed lunch and adequate water. A school packed lunch can not be ordered on the day. 

Have a great weekend and let's hope we will be celebrating an England victory if you are watching the football on Sunday evening. Happy weekend from Miss Studley and Mrs Clarke.