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Super day out had by all.

Thank you for going to the trouble of arranging some brilliant costumes. I am sure you will agree from the photos on the school face book page, that the children looked amazing.  The accessories showed attention to detail and some people even made their costumes, or parts of them.  I know not every parent gets time to do this, but I wanted to say it didn't go unnoticed. 

Gressenhall is a truly stunning location for a school trip but also for a family day out. Your child was given a voucher that admits one person free of charge.  I asked them to put the voucher safely inside their reading diary, so please make sure you received it. There are still many areas of the site we did not visit in the time we were there, and I know your child would love to spend longer on the adventure playground.  We booked our own 40-minute slot at the end of the day, but they could have had much longer. This week's featured photograph is a personal favourite of mine. It was the stillest and quietest they were all day! 

We have also enjoyed a game of rockit ball in PE following on from the enrichment lesson we had with Go Geronimo earlier this term.  All things well, there will be a Rockit-ball club for the older classess in The new school year.  Look out for the clubs sign up sheets. 

We have also enjoyed some science and DT this week.  Using the electricity equipment, the children have been making circuits to light bulbs, spin card using motors and make buzzers sound. They have incorporated their circuits into designing a model of their choice.  So far we have luxury yachts, lighthouses and cars.  Some groups are basing their designs on the recent English unit where we read the Iron Man. Some are making robots with the eyes lighting up like the Iron Man. It has been lovely to watch them problem-solve in a practical context. They have had to make lots of decisions and persevere to make things work. Great life skills! 

This is likely to be the last blog I write for this school year.  Thank you for supporting the things we have done. Despite the forced interruption earlier this year, the children have made lots of progress both academically and socially.  They have a lot to continue learning in Year 5, but I know they will have a great year with Miss Battle. 

Please remember the Bikeability arrangements that have been made for your children very early on in the new term. Please see the school website for the letter added recently. Practise using your bicycles over the holidays to ensure they are ready for the challenge. 

It is sad that Miss T was not well enough to return for the end of the year as we had hoped, but we have been extremely lucky to have Mrs Clarke to stand in.  Mrs Clarke has done a wonderful job and I would like to thank her very much for all she has done.  I know how much the children think of her, so it is a big thank you from us all. 

Please keep safe over the summer and come back to us as Year 5s fit and well in September. Happy holidays,

Miss Studley.