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C of E Primary School

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Kurling: another new opportunity to embrace

This week we had our turn for this term's enrichment activity of Kurling.  Led by Mark Higgins, the children had 40 mins in small groups to try this game for the first time.  We were impressed with the way the children adapted to learn the rules and work together as a team to aim for the target.  

In English this week we have learning the features of a playscript. We have based our preliminary work on a very familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood.  We have starting writing short elements of playscripts building up to include more features such as dialogue, stage directions and setting the scene.  I have been pleased so far.  We will continue with this next week.  We have Mr Young coming into our lesson on Monday so we will try hard to show what we know already.  

In maths we have learned some new things.  Remaining on the theme of multiplying and dividing, we have looked at ways we can multiply 3 numbers together the most efficient way.  We have had a focus on the 11 and 12 times tables. We have also learned about factors of a number.  See if your child can explain what a factor is. We will be continuing multiplication and division for a further two weeks. 

We started our block of outdoor learning with Mr Earle on Monday afternoon.  This will continue for at least the next 3 weeks. He has been teaching us about different knots. 

Some exciting news....we have a new pupil joining our class on Monday morning. His name is Alfie.  I am sure everyone will work together to ensure Alfie is made very welcome at Homefield and especially in our class. We met him briefly earlier in the week so it will be good to get to know him and find out what his interests are. 

Our class won the Superstar Readers competition again this week.  Other classes are trying hard to improve too but we are striving to reach the 80% target.  We got tantalisingly close this week with 23 children earning their star to total 79.3%!  We just need one more person to reach the 5 star total.  Come on I know we can do it! Thank you for your continued effort with this. There were only two children who did not read at all and I have sent a text home to those parents to encourage participation because we are working towards a group effort here. 

Have a great weekend.  This week's secret word is italics.

From Miss Studley and Miss T.