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Spelling is really taking off in Year 4

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Endless enthusiasm to improve our spellings is continuing to impress!

There is a very positive vibe in our class surrounding our spellings right now. Since we identified a key group of children who have been struggling with their spellings over time, it has been rewarding to see how they have embraced the whole idea that it is actually possible to overcome difficulties with a bit of fun and hard work.  

Toby has been put in charge of a little electronic spell checker that I recently ordered.  He uses it to attempt to spell words that he would otherwise find difficult. He shares it with other children in his group and the results are already showing.  Hopefully we will be able to order a few more.  Miss Everett, our English leader, has introduced a new spelling program this week too.  It is free to use.  Just search for 'Spelling Frame' and it will come up.  Click on the Year 3/4 words.  You should find the spelling patterns we have already taught in Year 4.  What a great way to revise! It is something else to use to encourage your child to use at home and will hugely benefit their spelling.   Thank you for continuing to help out with the Rainbow words too.  Miss Thompson calls the children out of class to check at random times so the children have that element of surprise. They love it though and are gradually moving through the colour groups. 

Congratulations to Christa this week for finally experiencing her official pen ceremony.  She has been so patient but it has taught her that handwriting standards need to be consistently high.  Let's hope the few other children in the class who are still on pencil can be inspired by this. 

Maths has been great again this week.  We have been dividing 2 and 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. We have expanded our mathematical vocabulary.  Ask your child to show you the methods we have used in class. 

Next week we have a few half-termly assessments to carry out.  I am quietly confident that they will do really well because attention levels have been high and the class is so motivated to improve in every single session.   

Well done to the pupils who attended the cross country event at Fritton Lake today.  It is always an honour to be chosen to represent the school and the children made me feel very proud to be their teacher today.  This week's featured photo is of the Y4 squad, plus Sam from Y3 who sneaked into the shot. We had some strong performances with Shaun finishing in the top ten to represent East Norfolk at Holkham Hall on 28th February. Congratulations to you all and thank you to the parents who were able to support.  

This week's secret word is 'divisor'.

Have a great weekend

Miss Studley and Miss T.