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How to make a teacher proud in 5 (plus) easy steps!

Wow! How amazing you are Year 4! Everyone is so proud of you for working together to encourage the ultimate perfect score of 100% in the Superstar reading challenge this week. This is a first in the school.  Everyone is in awe of your hard work and determination.  This week's featured photograph captures the moment shortly after we discovered our total was 100%.  To say that we were delighted is an understatement.  The love of reading has grown so much.  It is a joy to see comments in your child's diary saying how enthusiastic they are to read.  Thank you for your ongoing support. 

We started our gymnastics block this week.  Unfortunately, Mr Carr is away next week but he will be back the following week.  A reminder that our swimming lessons start on Monday. Please make sure your child has their kit. 

We have made a really good start to our fraction unit in maths this week.  Mr Young came in and joined us in today's lesson. We will be continuing on with this for the next three weeks. Ask your child about equivalent fractions.  Can they tell you what numerator and denominator mean? Maybe they could make their own fraction wall  like we did in today's lesson.  I haven't had very much extra work in from home lately.  If your child does anything at home and would like to share it with the class please encourage this.  I display the work in the classroom because we very much value what goes on at home. 

We will be performing our Y3/4  Bee musical on 20th March.  The scripts went out this week and the children have started rehearsing. Remember script reading counts towards a read so make sure you sign the reading diary.  If you have any costume inspiration please be proactive.  We have 61 children to oversee so we need your help.  Liaise with us if you have any questions. 

Don't forget the children are bringing in their favourite book next Thursday on World Book Day.  We are not dressing up. 

Have a great weekend. The secret word is 'tributary'.

Miss Studley and Miss T.