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What do you get if you mix electricity and vegetable pasties?  Read on to find out....

We have had a very productive week in Year 4. In science we have been learning about electricity.  Your children should now be able to explain to you how electricity is made.  Ask them to tell you about it. We have been getting practical by making circuits.  We started off by making simple series circuits lighting a bulb.  Some groups found out how to introduce a switch.  We were really pleased to see that it was the girls who seemed to grasp the idea of a complete circuit first. 

We have invited Mr Earle in to give us a demonstration of how to power up a mobile phone generating our own electricity. We had fun creating static electricity with a balloon. It was hair raising to say the least! 

As part of our WW2 topic we have been researching recipes that would be viable during the times of food rationing. We found a recipe to make vegetable pasties.  The smells have been wafting through the corridors.  Let's hope they taste as good as they smell! We have diced enough vegetables to resink the Titanic!  There has been a focus for the children to understand hygiene around cooking.  Miss T has taught the children how to wash their hands thoroughly.  The other Y4 objective that we are covering is to cook a dish that is seasonal (we are using fresh seasonal vegetables). They are also learning how to make pastry which is a useful skill.  If you like the pasties why not make some more at home so the children can show you their cooking skills. In future weeks we will be making a sweet variety with fruit, if time allows. 

Our WW2 stories are taking shape. We are writing one together in stages to develop the skills of writing. It is good to see the writing progress that is being made across the class. 

In maths we finished our block on decimals.  We now apply those skills in the context of money as we embark upon our new measures unit. 

Next week will be a short week, in terms of time spent in school, as we have a bank holiday on the Monday.  We will then have one and a half days in school before we go to Kingswood after lunch on Wednesday.  I hope your children are looking forward to Kingswood.  Feeling a little nervous is very natural (both parents and children....and teachers!) but please be reassured that we will have a great time and the welfare of your children is our priority. We will only be an hour's drive away. 

A reminder that your child can come to school in their trip clothes on Wednesday.  It is normal school lunch procedures for that day too. Come to the hall with luggage between 8.30 and 8.40 where I will able to talk to you and take any medicines that you have detailed on the 'Vital information sheet'.  Thank you to those of you who have already handed the Vital information sheet in to me.  I must have them all before we travel.  Those of you who did not attend the parent meeting will find that I have given the form to your child today so please check their bags. 

Enjoy the vegetable pasty and the extra long weekend! The secret word is 'electricity.'

From Miss Studley and Miss T.