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Year 4 Roman Trip - Boudicca Revolt!

On Monday 21st November we went to the Time  and Tide museum for a Roman themed day called ‘Boudicca’s Revolt!’.  We arrived at school as       normal, then at half past nine a coach arrived to     take Year 4 to the museum.   We were welcomed  by a lady who took us to an upstairs room.  Here we waited…suddenly an Iceni warrior bust into     the room and wanted us to hide her bronze torque  from the Romans.  The Romans wanted the           torques for tax!  Then a Roman Centurion and a   wealthy Roman lady called Lady Livia came in     and they had an argument with the Iceni warrior.    It was very realistic!  We then took part in four     different activities. 


One activity was meeting a very scary and extremely strict Centurion where we had to fight like a     Roman soldier.  This was great fun especially      when we got in the testudo and the adults had to   throw water sponges at us!!! 

Another activity was meeting Lady Livia and handling Roman artifacts and guessing what they were.  We handled a Roman oil lamp, bone hair    pins, make up stones and even a poo stick!!!! We found out this is where the saying comes from ‘you got the wrong end of the stick!’

Then we met a Druid who told us lots of stories    about Roman times.  We sat on rugs on the stone  floor in a darken room which gave us a sense of a Celtic Roundhouse. We did have to sit for a long   time, but it was very interesting, especially when   there was a lots of gruesome battles!!!


 Our final workshop with an Iceni Warrior where we made torques from sheets of metal and painted patterns on our faces ‘war paint’ to scare the Romans and make us look like proper Iceni warriors!  

  We also attempted blowing a war horn which was extremely difficult.  We had a go at throwing axes at a dummy Roman trying to aim for their head or chest!!  Watch out everyone we did have some      really good aims!


 We had a fantastic day and learnt so much more about Roman life.

Written by all in Year 4.