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C of E Primary School

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Find out all about Year 5 at Homefield Primary School.

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  • Friday 21st May

    Published 21/05/21, by Karen Newman

    Out of this World

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  • Friday 30th April

    Published 30/04/21, by Karen Newman

    a-MAZE-ing GAMES with Scratch

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  • Friday 16th april

    Published 16/04/21, by Karen Newman

    Summer Term - Week 1 

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  • 11.12.20

    Published 11/12/20, by Karen Newman

    Freedom and Justice

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  • 13.11.20

    Published 13/11/20, by Karen Newman

    In remembrance

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  • Yellow

    Published 09/10/20, by Karen Newman

    World Mental Health Awareness Day

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  • >1/2 but <1,000,000

    Published 02/10/20, by Karen Newman

    What was so great about King Alfred ? 

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  • Short sleeves to winter woolies

    Published 25/09/20, by Karen Newman

    What a difference a week makes - from t-shirts on Monday to thermals on Friday.  

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  • Y5 First blog of the new year

    Published 21/09/20, by Karen Newman

    Here We Are

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  • Spring 1

    Published 07/02/20, by Karen Newman

    Spring 1 in Year 5 - by Emma, Olivia, Gracie and Eloise

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  • Friday 29th November

    Published 29/11/19, by Karen Newman

    A Christmas end to a busy week.

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  • Friday 22nd November

    Published 25/11/19, by Karen Newman

    Our blog this week was written by Olivia and Emma

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