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This morning was very exciting - we FaceTimed Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D'Orsi of the Metropolitan Police in London to ask her about what it's like to be a police officer. We had a lot of questions to ask her and were really surprised and amazed at her answers! We found out that the strangest thing she has dealt with was a man dangerous driving in a wetsuit! She is very passionate about her job and loves it because she gets to help people, especially children and it is a very exciting job to do! She told us about when she met the Queen, Bear Grylls and Theresa May, and that she is responsible for organising the security around Donald Trump's visit.  Some of the pupils were also jealous because she has been involved in policing a number of football matches at stadiums belonging to Chelsea, Fulham, Wembley and QPR! We learned a lot about what being a police officer involves and made us realise that it's not just about arresting people but there is a lot of bravery and kindness needed to do such a difficult job! We were inspired by Lucy who despite certain challenges has managed to persevere to become the successful officer she is today. It seems as though she has inspired many of our children to consider policing as a future career! Thank you, Lucy!

We have been busy this half term linking our knowledge of fraction, decimals and percentages and I was very impressed by the quality of the homework that came in this week with your posters explaining your knowledge!

We have also been gripped this half term by Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We are loving finding out about Michael's adventure and were so gripped when he fell off the boat that even Miss Everett had to stop to breathe! We will be writing our own action scenes based on this and have already begun picking out vocabulary that we really like to make our own!

In PE we have been perfecting our netball skills and have really enjoyed playing matches against each other to get even better! Mrs Duffield has been a brilliant coach!

We have been extremely excited about performing our play 'Aladdin Trouble' with Year 6 and all children who auditioned this week should be extremely proud of themselves! It is not easy standing up in front of a lot of people and having to act, speak loudly or sing! Well done all! It was certainly not an easy decision for us to allocate roles and we know all the children will be brilliant as we start rehearsing next week!

We have been finding out about mountains in Geography, especially about mountain ranges and famous mountains from all over the world as well as what exactly makes a mountain a mountain y looking at their features. Ask us about what we've found out - particularly about when a hill is considered to be a mountain.

Please please please can we make sure that we are reading at least 5 times at home during the week AND getting reading records signed AND bringing them in so we can record it! We are struggling to break the 70% or more barrier at the moment which isn't great when our target is 80%. I can really tell when your reading has influenced your writing as the two do go hand in hand, and why wouldn't you want to get better at both?!

As always, have a lovely weekend.

Miss Everett  

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