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C of E Primary School

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Whether it's repeated addition or reproduction, we are all about multiplying this week.

In Maths, we have been looking at multiplying using a variety of different methods. This week, we will begin looking at the formal method (which many of us were taught as 'long multiplication') beginning with 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. Our aim is for the children to understand and be able to explain how the process works. Of course, sound times tables knowledge is a necessity to be successful with this. 

This is our final week in English writing instructions on 'how to look after a (pet) dragon'.  If any of you are looking to purchase one as a pet, then you know who to ask for advice!

In Science, we have completed our work on lifecycles and the reproduction of plants and now we are turning our attention to animals. Can you tell a monotreme from a marsupial or a placental? - all are mammals but they have differences in their lifecycles. After mammals we will look at insects. 

The blog word for this week is metamorphosis. Who will be the first to come and claim their team points?

Reminder: Our class assembly will take place on Wednesday February 6th (9 - 9:20). We hope to see some of you there.