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C of E Primary School

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In English we have been looking at a Dragon text and making up a mythical creature to use in our stories instead of a dragon.  We have been drafting our piece of writing in our English books.  

In maths we have been looking at the column method and the bar model.  We have also been doing our '10 in 10' questions, where we answer 10 maths questions in 10 minutes.  Yesterday we had an extension task that involved fractions.

In PE we've been doing indoor and outdoor athletic activities. These included speed bounce, vertical high jump, standing long jump, javelin, chestthrow and bleep test. Our secret word is: dispense.

In RE we have been looking at incarnation, which means 'in the flesh'.  We were also looking at a Messiah, which the Jews had been waiting for, and what they were expecting, and how that compared to Jesus.

By Marissa, Chloe, Scarlett and Ella.

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