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C of E Primary School

Read, Share, Review Success!

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Wow! What a buzzing afternoon we have had! It was so lovely to see so many parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and other adults come and share in their child's learning! I hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have been up to and how much we are learning! Well done to all the children too who so enthusiastically spoke about their work!

This week, we have started a new genre of writing - we are focusing on persuasive adverts over the next few weeks with a view to writing an advert for 'Virgin Galactic Airways' and their commercial spaceliners designed to take more people into space! We have already been looking at the language features of a persuasive advert and are learning new exhilarating words all the time to help us be as persuasive as possible!

In Maths, we have started a multiplication and division unit and have focused on multiples, factors and prime numbers this week! The whole class were rewarded for their positive attiude and hard work even when we found learning tough with the 'Stretch Gromin Growth Mindset' award in Celebration Assembly today! Keep up the fantastic work! Ask your children about factor bugs and make sure they come and tell me that the secret word is Richard Branson, so they can get more team points!

We have been been learning a bit more about space in science, thinking about the different qualities of the planets as well as how the earth moves around the sun and in turn how that affects how we see the sun.  Our afternoons have also been filled with singing practise for our upcoming KS2 Christmas Carol Concert on Wednesday 13th December. I must say, the children sound beautiful when they sing altogether and I'm sure they will bring tears to your eyes on the night! We have also been perfecting our indoor athletics skills, ready for next week when some of our class, along with some Year 6s, will be representing Homefield at Lynne Grove, competing against other schools. We wish them the best of luck!

Please can you make sure you are reading at least 5 times a week, getting your reading record signed and handing it into Mrs Duffield in the morning!! We want to get more team points, beat the other classes and make sure we have more than 80% of us as Super Readers so we can get that extra play too!!!

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Everett, Mrs Duffield and Mrs Elliot