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C of E Primary School

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This week in Year 5....

Welcome back – it’s hard to believe we’re already into our second half-term.

The children came back from their half term holiday straight into their termly assessments which they approached with a very positive attitude.

On the run up to Christmas (sorry) we will be focussing on descriptive writing and narrative in English. If your child is still finding it tricky to tell their nouns from verbs or adjectives from adverbs, we will be revisiting the words classes and using carefully chosen ones in our writing for effect. Maybe you could spot some in your reading at home, and discuss some of the author’s choices.

In Maths, we begin with interpreting line graphs, before moving on to area and perimeter and developing our knowledge of factors and multiples; prime, square and cubed numbers.

Our first curriculum block is RE, with the big question:

How can following God bring freedom and justice?

This week, we have discussed the meaning of freedom and justice. We were fortunate that the children were learning about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks during Black History Month, and they were able to link the concepts of freedom and justice to what they had learned.

We started to look at some key events in the life of Moses as told in the Old Testament book, Exodus, which we will continue next week. Though we are not yet at the relevant point in Moses’ life, the secret blog word is plagues. A teampoint reward awaits!