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C of E Primary School

Short sleeves to winter woolies

In this section...

What a difference a week makes - from t-shirts on Monday to thermals on Friday.  

A lot can happen in a week, as the Great British weather has reminded us this week. But whether outside has been scorching sun or gale-force winds, inside the classroom we've been hard at work every day. 


We've been revisiting rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 and taking that further to rounding to the nearest 1000 whilst extending our place value knowledge to numbers up to 100,000. 

The children are enjoying their 10 in 10 arithmetic questions and these should be coming home daily so that you can see what your child is secure with and where they may need a little more support. 


We've been revisiting word classes, particularly nouns, adjectives and verbs (though we've touched on determiners too). We've created expanded noun phrases and looked at some sentence structures used by the author in out text extract taken from Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones.    


The children should be able to summarise when and how Christianity came to Britain in Anglo-Saxon times as well as give examples of evidence to show how we know this. Ask them about Saint Cuthbert, Bede, Pope Gregory and King Ethelbert of Kent.

Spellings and Homework. 

At the end of each week, the children will bring home spelling homework, featuring the spellings we have been looking at over the week (our focus and 5 revision words from the statutory Y3/4 word list). Nothing needs to be brought back into school or handed in, but there will be a spelling test on these words on Mondays. We are encouraging the children to use a variety of strategies to help them learn and practise spellings and hope you will do the same at home. 

Reading Books

We have spent some time today discussing the authors, genres and subjects which we like to read. Every child has brought home a reading book of their choice and we would encourage children to bring their reading book into school every day as there may be opportunities for independent reading or reading to an adult. Whilst we are unable to provide access to the school library as we have in the past, we now have a selection of books in class from which children can choose books to read for pleasure. Children may wish to bring in a book of their own from home, and that is fine, provided they do not share books with others. 

Please encourage your child to read every day for at least 15 minutes. 

Any books children have borrowed will be left for 72 hours before being brought back into circulation for others. 

Google Classroom

Hopefully you have all received your login details for the google classroom, and thank you to the one person who has already logged in and posted to let me know!

Unfortunately it is going to be a term where learning is going to be disrupted for many children at some point. Starting on Monday I aim to post lessons and activities to the google classroom for those children who are unable to come into school.

Please take the time to make sure you can login and access the classroom now so that you are ready to do so if and when it is needed.   

And finally.....

Despite the change in the weather, I do hope you all have a super weekend. Perhaps you could ask your parents whether they remember Mr Benn and watch another episode (we watched an episode in class today as we were unable to get out to play). This week's secret word, inspired by Mr Benn, is shopkeeper. Write it down and show myself or Mrs Parker for your team point reward (5 on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday......)