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C of E Primary School

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World Mental Health Awareness Day

At the end of another week here at Homefield, we raised awareness for mental health by wearing something yellow, which certainly brightened up our day and added to our collective worship focus this week: encouraging others. Miss Battle led a virtual collective worship on Wednesday where we thought of people as Jenga towers - building each other up with the positive words we say to them. Of course, the opposite is true when we say something hurtful or unkind. 

The children have demonstrated some really mature thinking when we've been discussing these themes in class. 


We've just finished our first maths block, Place Value, and will be looking at the operations of Addition and Subtraction next.


The children enjoyed the short extract of Beetle Boy (which we studied in our reading lessons) so much that I am getting a copy for a future class read. 

We have looked at subordinate conjunctions and clauses this week as well as some effective similes which we will be incorporating into our character descriptions next wek.

North and South America   

Our first geography topic looks at North and South America. We will be extending our map reading skills and this week we have used an atlas to name and locate countries in these continents. If the children would like to practise, I have added some links for online country naming games.

South America

North America

Our secret word for this week is Jenga. 

Have a lovely weekend everybody.