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C of E Primary School

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In remembrance


With Remembrance Day on Wednesday, Year 5 spent the week learning about the life of Walter Tull: grandson of slaves, orphaned by the age of 9, he became the first black professional outfield footballer (for Spurs) AND the first black officer in the British Army. Sadly, Walter died for his country in WWI at the age of 29 and his body was never recovered.

In remembrance of Walter and all service men and women who have sacrificed so much, we made poppies and 'planted' them around our memorial bench.



Much of our lesson time this week was taken over by assessments. Next week we will begin our new unit of study 'multiplication and division'.



The children loved our class novel 'Malamander' which we have just finished (so much so that lots have bought the sequel 'Gargantis' to read themselves. After a tense world-cup-of-reading tournament, the class have voted Agatha Oddly by Lena Jones as our next read.



We have just started our science topic on properties and changes of materials with a vocabulary revision lesson. Can the children tell you the meaning of these properties: flexible/rigid, transparent/translucent/opaque, permeable/impermeable, conductor/insulator, flammable/inflammable? Our secret word this week is dentist.

Have a great week.