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Summer Term - Week 1 

Hi everybody,

It's great to be back at the start of a new term and with the hope that we will be open to all for the rest of this academic year, and the classroom is buzzing. 

In English, our purpose for writing is to inform and we are looking at recounts in the form of a diary. The children have really engaged with our model text, which is diary entries from Captain Scott during his expedition attempt to be the first to reach the South Pole. The classroom is awash with vocabulary while we imagined ourselves huddled in tents as part of the expedition with a soundscape of howling gales.

In Maths, we are spending some time revisiting parts  of our fraction work we introduced during lockdown. Whilst they show understanding of the concepts, many of the children need practise at honing their times tables knowledge to spot patterns more efficiently and improve their fluency. Please encourage them to use TTRS regularly - 20 minutes a day would make a huge difference.  

Our blocked curriculum subject for the next 3 weeks is Computing and programming in particular. We have spent this week introducing commands - including REPEAT - and using logo to make the turtle draw squares, regular octagons and drawing a 10 'spoked' asterisk, as well as debugging some errors.

Most of the class have undertaken a spelling test of all of the statutory spellings from the Y3/4 word list. On Monday they will be given a personalised list with the spellings they should focus on. Homework for most this weekend is to practise the most commonly misspelled words for a test on Monday morning. Some of the children sat a different test and have no spelling homework this weekend (perhaps they could do extra TTRS!)

The children really enjoyed our last class novel (Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend) and we have bought an additional copy of it, and the sequel (Wondersmith) for the Y5 class library. The class library has also been boosted by the purchase of many new books, including some beautiful non-fiction texts. Thank you for the funds Mr Young!

After a noisy and exciting 'World Cup of Books', the class have chosen their new reader 'Crater Lake' by Jennifer Killick - described as a howlingly funny horror. We are 5 chapters in and hooked!

In honour of our new class reader, this week's secret phrase is 'soup or blood?'  Write it down and pass it to Mrs N or Mrs P on for 5 team points on Monday, 4 on Tuesday.... 

 Have a lovely weekend.