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Well we have definitely hit the ground running since we have been back! We have been busy busy busy with our normal curriculum lessons as well as fitting in time for House Shout rehearsals, a brilliant Kurling workshop (see our Twitter account) and the panto!


We have now mastered ‘plussing the peRIMeter’ and ‘multiplying for area because it’s like an array’ and feel much more confident finding the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes! We are now moving onto multiplication and division, so keep practicing your multiplication and division facts on ‘Hit the Button’ as this will help you master the new methods we will be exploring!


In English, we have been enjoying reading ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman and are writing our own adventure story as a class based on Lila’s own adventure to become a true Firework Maker. We will be using this storyline and image-inspiring language features as inspiration to write our own adventure stories in the coming weeks. The children’s vocabulary has been fantastic so far and they have created some wonderful images in their reader’s minds. The secret word is incessant.


I am hoping that we will be swimming on Monday as we have not yet been able to go for safety reasons at the pool itself. We will continue finishing off putting our ‘Dice Dances’ to music and performing them to the class. I was amazed that the class were able to work out the time signature of the music that was selected for their dances which shows how well they have been working in Music with Mrs Loveland!  Some members of the class have been selected to represent Homefield for cross-country on Friday and we wish them all the best as they compete against other schools.


We have started our new Science topic ‘Forces’ and have been amazed by what we have already found out! We considered ideas from Aristotle and Galileo to make our own predictions about whether the mass of an object affects how quickly it falls and were so amazed to watch David Scott from the Apollo 15 Space Mission drop a feather and a hammer from the same height and land at the same time on the moon! We also conducted our own experiments to see which surfaces caused the most friction by measuring the force needed to pull an object along different surfaces. We used a newton meter to measure the force and found that the more force needed to pull the object, the more friction there was between the materials. Today we explored the forces that act upon objects and used balloons and straws to help demonstrate our understanding of gravity, air resistance, contact and non-contact forces.  


Next week, we have a Multi-Faith Library event on Wednesday where the children will have the opportunity to talk to a variety of people of different faiths and find out more about their religions. Parents are invited after school to come and find out what we have been up to as well!

Whilst our Super Reader scores have generally improved, we have not had more than 61% of you reach that Super Reader status! As we launch the new Super Reader display next week, please make sure you are reading at least five days a week and getting it signed off by an adult in your reading record. If we reach 80% or more in our class, we will help the school get one step closer to embarrassing your teachers! Remember ‘Super Readers, Get Your Leaders!’ I’m sure you all want to see Mr Young dressed as a fairy, or Miss Everett dressed up as a Stormtrooper or even get a pie in the face! Get reading and record it!

As ever, have a lovely weekend!

Miss Everett

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