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C of E Primary School

Creative Writing, Science and Singing!

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This week’s blog was co-written by Jake, Callum and Mark with Miss Everett.

Throughout the week, we have been very busy writing in different genres about different countries. We visited Australia, Tanzania, Argentina, Italy, Canada and China and needed passports to travel around the world! We really enjoyed tasting Australian fruit (pineapple, passion fruit, lychees, mango and papaya), watching Vesuvius erupt in Year 4's classroom, watching the beautiful Northern Lights in Canada and experiencing the Chinese New Year Festival, as well as learning about mouth-watering, scrumptious barbeques in Argentina and loved the 'Jumping Dance' in Tanzania. 

On Wednesday, we saw volcanoes erupt, mesmerising lava lamps, friction in action, floating paperclips and skewered bags of water that weren't leaking! We all explained how our experiments worked clearly and enjoyed seeing experiments from around the school too! Unfortunately there could only be 3 winners, so well done to Maisy, Jake and Evie who were awarded rosettes for their fantastic efforts. I must say, I was impressed by everyone!

Today we sung our hearts out in the House Shout competition. We loved taking part and watching each other sing and dance as a great way to end the half-term. 

All in all, we had a fantastic week and are looking forward to coming back after half-term for other exciting learning opportunities. The secret word is PyeongChang. I’d like to thank all the children for their hard work this half-term and for winning the attendance award for the second half-term in a row! Don’t forget we are swimming on the first Monday back (19th Feb) and keep reading! 

Have a relaxing half-term!

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