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C of E Primary School

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Welcome back! We have been off to a flying start this week! 

In Maths, we have now come to the end of our Multiplication and Division unit and the children can all say they now feel more confident multiplying and dividing and are able to answer questions that they felt they couldn't previously! Well done everyone for your hard work!

In English, we have planned and are now writing our adventure stories and I cannot wait to read them all once they are finished, as the vocabulary and story-telling has been great so far! Keep it up!

In Science, we tested parachutes to see how quickly they fell. Each group then decided to change one variable that they thought would slow the parachute down and keep all other variables the same so that it was a fair test. The secret word is overwrought. We found that the parachute that had the largest surface area was the slowest because there was more air resistance that helped push the parachute up that acted against the force of gravity.

We had our last swimming session this week and the children all had to swim lengths in a stroke of their choice! Well done to Louis and Scarlett who both swam the full 200m- you really pushed yourselves!

We had our first session of Gymnastics with Mr Carr and I was amazed by the felxibility of some of the children! They all listened well to Mr Carr and were able to stretch themsleves to things they maybe thought they couldn't do!

For your information, we will be going on a school trip on Thursday 22nd March. There will be more details to come next week in a letter, including cost, so keep an eye out!

Next week, we are starting a new science and maths topic, so get those brains in gear to take in more and more knowledge! 

It is also World Book Day on Thursday 1st March so make sure you have a go at all 20 Reading Challenges before then and bring in a book that means something to you to share. We will be doing some activites through out the day, so be prepared to show your love of reading!

Have a super weekend!

Miss Everett