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C of E Primary School

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This week there was remembrance day, we were joined at the memorial near the church  by Woodlands and Hillside. We had a speech from Mr Young and 2 minutes of silence. Bethany had a speech to say and Maddie had a poem. Also this week we all made poems and copied them onto 

red paper and made them look like poppies. 

This week in topic we learnt about king charles I and what happened to him. We learnt that lots of people didn't like him because he thought he was the best and he didn't listen to what anyone said. 

This week was our first week of Lets Think In English. Mr Young taught our first class of it. We watched the maker. It encouraged us to think and have a discussion of what we think happened. The first few times it was on we had to listen to it with our eyes closed. We had to guess what happened. we learnt to build on what people said and to challenge what people said too.

On Tuesday when Miss Taylors taught us, we had a game of dodgeball, it was 2,0. we learnt a different way on how to play it. It was very fun and afterwards all of us were very tired.

In P.E on Thursday we had our first game of tag rugby which was both wild and amazing. Everyone joined in and had lots of fun. We were split into two teams - blue and red - red won the game by 2 to 1 but we all enjoyed it. 

On monday, in Math we did our weekly Times Table Grid Challenge. We are doing our mixed up grids at the moment. On tuesday - when we had Miss Taylors  teach us for the whole day - in maths we did reasoning questions on multiplication and division. On Wednesday - when Mr Etherington came back again - we carried on the sheet we did the day before. 

In Art have been looking at; a painting called Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, we painted a picture inspired by it,using lots of different blues , reds ,greens, and browns by mixing the colours we had together. We also  based them on bonfire night, so we added fireworks. In the sky, some of us drew swirls.