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C of E Primary School

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Find out what we got up to at Colchester Zoo

Yesterday we went to Colchester Zoo! We fed the Elephants and the Giraffes. We got see loads Rainforest animals such as Squirrel Monkeys, Golden lion Tamarines, Orangutans,  a Crocodile and loads more!

The reason we came to the Zoo was to learn more about the Rainforest and Brazil. We went to a classroom and had a talk from Andy the Rainforest expert. He told us the different levels of the Rainforest, which are; the Forest floor, the Canopy and the emergant. He told us disgusting things about snakes such as they can split their jaw to swallow huge prey! He told us loads of amazing facts about the birds and monkeys that live there. We even got to experience how hot it can get in a real rainforest! Do you know what the deadliest animal in the world is?  We were told how to hunt a monkey using a poison dart frog and a bow and arrow.

It was fun to explore around the zoo to discover some exciting facts! We were allowed to hold some creepy insects in the discovery centre. We loved our trip to the Zoo. Have you thought of an answer to our question yet? It is a Mosquito! People may not like spiders but they could be your best friend in the Rainforest as they catch the Mosquito in their huge webs and eat them!

By Year 5