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C of E Primary School

National Poetry Day (Belated)

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The feeling of Freedom was certainly in the air as the school promoted performance poetry.

Yesterday, the pupils worked in their House Teams on performance poetry to achieve the House Cup for the first time this year. Year 1 remained as a class, but still got fully involved in the occasion.

In the afternoon, we gathered again to perform in front of the rest of the school and we saw a whole showcase of talent from a variety of poems. There was chanting, repetition, rhyme, music, acting and a breadth of vocabulary and content. All pupils should be thrilled with their efforts, because they were all fantastic. Year 1 certainly had the cute factor on their side with their Tiger poem.

It was a very close run competition, but eventual winners were Swallowtails, who performed superbly and added a comedy element to their poem. Donovan Spearman and Bethany Cooper as House Captains collected the cup. Will they retain the trophy with our next writing competition?