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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement

The curriculum is all the activities that we plan, organise and deliver in order to facilitate the learning, personal growth and development of our pupils. In addition to the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, our curriculum also includes those extracurricular activities and experiences which enhance and enrich the learning, growth and development of all. Children learn best when they are actively engaged and appropriately challenged, and we aim to deliver a curriculum in which excellent teaching combines with joy and a love of learning.

Important though they are, our curriculum is not just about knowledge and skills: we want our children to be thoughtful and conscientious citizens, active in the society in which they live, caring for the future of our planet and the people that live on it. The curriculum is underpinned by our Christian and British values, and the aim is for children to embrace these and become responsible individuals who treat themselves and others with respect.

At Homefield, “We are a family that cares for all”. The curriculum aims to make children aware of social issues and inequalities and have the courage and confidence to challenge injustice.

At Homefield, “We are a family that values all”. The curriculum recognises the uniqueness of all God’s children and values the views of each individual, while celebrating our differences and the diversity this brings.

At Homefield, “We are a family that encourages all”. We believe that every child should see their potential and believe that they can achieve. The curriculum aims to provide opportunities for everybody to shine.


The curriculum is supported by our 5Rs of learning: readiness, responsibility, resourcefulness, resilience and reflectiveness and these attitudes to learning form the basis of the implementation for our curriculum.

Learners who are ready have the belief that they can achieve and that they deserve to be successful. Our aim is to develop our children as learners who will want to learn; are ready to succeed and reach their potential; are prepared to be challenged; ensure that they are organised; are self-motivated; are physically ready to learn; and get plenty of sleep and exercise, eat healthily and stay hydrated.  

Learners who are responsible are ready, willing and able to learn alone or with other people. They use their initiative and understand that ownership of their learning belongs to them. Our aim is to develop our children as learners who will know right from wrong and make good choices; value their learning; show independence; know how to set their own targets; try hard to improve; and recognise their own achievements.

Learners who are resourceful are able to make strong connections within their learning and across subjects. They are curious, innovative and critical thinkers. Our aim is to develop our children as learners who will be curious and ask questions; collaborate freely; consider all the evidence; choose the best method or thinking tool; be able to communicate effectively and explain their thinking; and explain the uses of their new skills or knowledge.

Learners who are resilient know how to work through difficulties. They are resourceful in working around their barriers to learning. Our aim is to develop our children as learners who will persist and stay involved with their learning; have a positive attitude; recognise the benefits of hard work; show initiative and ‘have a go’; manage their feelings about learning and the people they are learning with; and see mistakes as part of the learning process.

Learners who are reflective are able to think about their learning journey. They are able to critically evaluate their own work as well as that of others and are prepared to consider better ways of doing things. Our aim is to develop our children as learners who will be able to describe their progress; listen and learn from feedback; provide feedback for their peers; and learn from experience.