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Our Maths Mastery approach is taught daily following a structured timetable informed, in part, by White Rose. Teachers inspire a love for mathematics by ensuring pupils have a firm understanding and fluency of number and place value before tackling other areas of maths, such as the four operations (+-x/) and fractions/decimals/percentages. Other areas covered will be algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and ratio/proportion.

All areas of Maths taught will provide pupils with strong opportunities to augment their skills in problem-solving, whether that be through direct calculation or through a longer challenge requiring explanation or reasoning. To ensure pupils master mathematics, they are taught to understand the maths in Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract ways. They are then able to explain the mathematics taking place and in turn they are able to use and apply their knowledge in different contexts.

To assist our drive to produce lifelong mathematicians, we teach using a Cooperative Learning approach (primarily in the Junior classes). The CLIPS used, enable pupils to engage actively with their peers and build confidence with their understanding before tackling their challenges independently.