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C of E Primary School

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Activities note 


For daily Maths activities please go to the link below. They are set out very clearly, day by day with answers available for self-marking before you go onto the next lesson.  If your child is struggling to complete the activities for Year 4 then it would be worthwhile trying a year group down.  Similarly, if you want a challenge, once you are secure with the Year 4 work have a look at Year 5 work.

Go to Summer Term week 11 This is for the week of 13th July. The new work is on the topic of shape and angles.

You can access the video links on the website but I have now successfully downloaded the daily lesson and have added them below with the answers for the week too.  

I will always keep at least the previous week's work on here in case you need to catch up. 

The new 10 in 10 batches for the remainder of the term are now live.  They are batch 6 and 7. Please see below.