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C of E Primary School

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Activities - explore the numberblocks area of the cbeebies website, the children have been using numberblocks to learn the recognition and amount of the number. Watch the number videos on iplayer to refresh their memory -

When thinking about numbers we look at the number in a ten frame, this helps us know how much it is worth, if it is more than 5, a big number or small number and how many more than 10 it may be. You can download a ten frame and activity from the activities below.

Enjoy some practical activities such as baking, weighing and capacity with bottles and spoons, how many cupfuls will it take to fill the bottle? guess first, where you right?

Make some number cards and hide them around the house, find all 10 or 20 cards and put them into the correct order.

Keep an eye on Tapestry as we will set extra ideas or activities.

* White Rose Maths now have some great Early Years Activities -