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Intent - To have a well-established PE curriculum across the whole school that meets all necessary requirements.

To deliver high quality PE lessons across all physical development areas.

To provide a balanced curriculum that engages and motivates children to extend their learning outside the classroom into extracurricular clubs and sports in the local community. 

To provide regular opportunities to get active to keep the health and fitness levels high amongst our pupils. 

To ensure staff CPD is a focus to ensure an increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff.


Implementation - 

Building on the shadow work from Premier Sport to implement a new PE scheme from September 2023 (PE Passport). 

Support staff in school to access the PE Passport resources and promote the subject to the pupils by being good role models themselves.


Impact - 

We will see a high engagement of children participating in sports, both intra and inter school sports. 

Children will have a positive attitude towards their PE lessons and the desire to continue this learning in a sport of their own choosing (either by attending a club we provide in school or one that they have been sign posted to outside of school).

Children will maintain a healthy mind and body and understand the importance of daily physical exercise to their well-being and mental health.