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C of E Primary School

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Please continue to work through Spelling Frame as the activities on there are specific to the Year 2 spelling patterns we have been learning.


We are on Week 9, w/c 22nd June, however, we have already covered the content posted so I have accessed the alternative content for you to do instead about movement and direction. Please find the lessons below and a document that gives you the links to the videos too.


We are carrying on with the work in the Talk for Writing booklet about Superheroes this week.

Day 1: Sammy's poetry challenge - write the rest of Sammy's poem.

Day 2: Get Active! Do your 20 minutes of sport and then write about it.

Day 3: Design your own superhero pet and complete the fact file about it.

Day 4 and 5: Invention time! write your own Superhero rescue story like the one in the booklet with your own superhero characters and sidekicks! It could be a colourful comic strip with pictures or a story you would find in a book - the choice is yours! Please send me them when you are finished as I would love to read them! And don't forget to do the hot and cold rating at the end!


Topic - Memories

Day 1: As Year 2 draws to an end, I would love to know what your favourite memories are of our time together using the Memories of Year 2 sheet below.

Day 2: As we never got a chance to have a whole-class photo together, I would like to make one for you all. Your mission is to take a picture of yourself pulling a lovely, smiley face. Then I would like you to do a self-portrait (can you remember how?!) using any means you like. Please email your photo and self-portrait to me and I will put them altogether and send you all the final montage of our class for your own personal use and not to be shared on social media. By sending me a photo, you are giving me permission to share it with the other parents in our class. If you would prefer not to have a photo, then just the self-portrait will be fine if you would still like to be a part of it. If you have any questions, please email me!

Day 3: Design a Class of 2020 T-shirt using the sheet below!

Day 4: Tell me a bit more about what you enjoyed in the year - things you are proud of, things you got better at and so on using the School Year Summary sheet below. In the time we had together, you all have things you should be proud of, things you have got better at and have done things that impressed me every week! If you want to use the questions as prompts and draw instead of writing your answers on the sheet, then please do whatever way works best for you.

Day 5: As another way to reflect on the year, please complete the Year 2 Acrostic Poem sheet. I would love to read these too, so please email me!