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C of E Primary School

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All the work below will also be on Google Classroom where I will be able to help you if you are struggling with any aspects and be able to set slightly differentiated work for those pupils who require it. As always, I'm only an email away so please do get it touch if there are any problems. 


Please find an English unit called 'Doors' attached below. This unit of work will last for three weeks. In week one please complete activities 1 - 5. 


Maths learning will continue to come from the White Rose Maths Hub, this is the format children are used to at school.


Mon: Look through the modal verb PowerPoint - completing the activities as you go. I have attached a Parents guide, should you need it. 

Tues: Modal verbs to show certainty or possibility. 

Weds: Adverbs of possibility

Thurs & Fri: Using modal verbs and adverbs of possibility in your sentences.