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C of E Primary School

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Please continue to work through Spelling Frame as the activities on there are specific to the Year 2 spelling patterns we have been learning.


We are on Week 8, w/c 15th June with Lesson 1 starting with counting sides and vertices of 2D shapes. I've attached the worksheets below. The video guides for each lesson and Friday's challenge can still be accessed at:


Talk for Writing have produced another lovely booklet of work for Year 2 all about Superheroes and I've attached it below. I have suggested which days to tackle which activities over the next two weeks as there are 11 activities in this one! 

Day 1: Read the Superhero Fact Files and the Playground rescue story and make sure you have understood it all and can tell an adult about all the characters and what happened in the story.

Day 2: Do the Vocabulary Challenge and respond to the questions about what you liked/ didn't like about the story.

Day 3: Reading Challenge - answer the questions about what happened in the story.

Day 4: Creative Challenge - become a superhero!

Day 5: Make your own Superhero cuffs!


Topic - People who helped change the world

This week, I would like you to find out about some famous people who helped change the world, either by inventing something, making people more aware of something, doing something amazing or because they stood up for what was right. You are going to create a little fact-file for each person after you have read the information about them attached below. You can use the fact-file templates available or design your own!

Day 1 - Rosa Parks - Standing up for what you believe in isn't always easy. Find out about Rosa's challenges using the PowerPoint complete the fact file about her.

Day 2 - Greta Thunberg  - Greta reminds us that you can make a change now matter how small or young you may be. There is a differentiated reading activity (you don't have to answer the questions!) and a generic fact file template to be filled in for Greta.

Day 3 - Sir David Attenborough - Our passions can help us to educate and inspire others to make a difference in this world. Use the reading sheet and general fact file sheet to find out about this fellow animal lover.

Day 4 - Helen Sharman - You found out about Neil Armstrong - but he wasn't the only person to go to space! Find out about Helen Sharman using the PowerPoint below and use the general fact file sheet.

Day 5 - Alexander Graham Bell - We couldn't imagine life without them now, but believe it or not, there was once a time when phones didn't exist! Find out about their inventor using the PowerPoint and fill in his fact file sheet.